The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: July 21, 2014

Apple, IBM team up to make the mobile enterprise better Apple and IBM started last week off by announcing a new partnership to make the mobile enterprise market better. Currently, 98% of the top companies in the world use iOS devices. With this partnership, Apple is aiming to up that with services and support from IBM. Though neither company have commented on it, some are already speculating a future where Siri and Watson join forces to create a system that's similar to Google Now. View Article

Too Many Android Wear Apps Are Missing the Point It didn't take too long for developers and designers to break the usability guidelines for Android Wear. When building a smartwatch app for...

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Google I/O 2014: A Retrospective

Its been a few weeks since Google I/O 2014, and we Fuzz Android developers have been very busy learning about everything new and how it all works together. There were two bottom-line philosophies: “Android Everywhere” and “It Just Works.”

Android Everywhere

Google is making a huge commitment to making Android part of everyone’s lives. And they really do mean everyone. There are approximately 7 billion people in the world, and less than 2 billion of them have smartphones. At I/O, Google announced Android One, a program they will roll out in India to start. Android One is Google’s attempt to make smartphones accessible to the world at large: an Android One phone is estimated to cost $100 US...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: July 14, 2014

Android Wear beats iWatch to market: How Apple can make up ground Google was the first to bring a smartwatch to the wrists of masses, but later this year the battle will begin. While Apple has yet to officially announce their smartwatch, they've been staffing up to ensure they have a fashionable product to release. When Apple does release their fabled iWatch, a lot of analysts believe the market will boom. View Article

The web is nice, but news sites need native apps too By the end of the year, about 50% of page views for news media will come from a mobile device, though attempts to monetize these views has proven difficult. Users are spending more and...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: July 7, 2014

The Dark Corners of Your UI What happens when design is forgotten about or passed over? You're left with a Dark Corner. Those small areas of your app or website that might not be used frequently have a habit of being looked at, but when a user lands on them it can make them uneasy. Creating concise and polished design rules that get applied throughout leaves little to guess at when in development. View Article

Facebook psychological experiment controversy For a week in early 2012, while checking Facebook, you might have felt a little happier or sadder, depending on how Facebook wanted you to feel. During that period, one in 2500 users' feeds were augmented to see if...

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Google Buys Songza and Into Humans

An algorithm is a specific set of instructions for carrying out a procedure or solving a problem. A human is problematic, idiosyncratic, and probably making a habit of problematizing.

Google opted for the latter when it acquired Songza, a free streaming music service, earlier this week. (Fuzz developed the Songza apps for Android and Chromecast.) Songza’s unique value proposition and premise rely on actual people. That’s right: real, live humans! Gasp.


The tech industry was overjoyed: algorithms already have a bad rap. Per Wired, “we’re living with another non-human species that is far more dangerous and powerful than canines ever were: algorithms.” Grrrr.

The Associated Press has frayed the barely-there nerves of...

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