The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: August 25, 2014

Estimote Wants To Pioneer ‘Nearables’ With New Stickers Beacon Hardware Estimote is evolving the Internet of Things with Estimote Stickers: 3mm-thick adhesive beacons with accelerometers and temperature sensors. But will Nearables hit home with devs? We'll have to wait and see. View Article

Vine gets advanced editing tools and now lets you import existing videos, just like Instagram It's about time: power Vine users finally get some of the features they've been wanting, like video import and and enhanced editing tools, in an updated Vine app. The bad news? The update is only for iOS ... for now. View Article

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Gravy Train: The Ultimate NYC Transit Apps

As a New York City resident and an employee of a local web/app development company, I am both civically and professionally obligated to investigate NYC transit apps. As a self-proclaimed train brat who breaks into a sweat/run as soon as those green lanterns come into view, apps are my only recourse to quelling this inexplicably primal panic. (What trauma surrounding train-missing lurks deep in my marrow? A question for another time and another’s couch—er, blog—I suppose.)

So here’s my regimen. Not daily, but when I’m going somewhere I’ve never been (and sometimes just for jollies). I know it’s an elaborate procedure, but really, each of these apps serves a different purpose and comes into play at a different part of...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: August 18, 2014

Making a Case for Animations and Interactivity Finding the sweet spot between functional and unnecessary animations is tricky. A lot of the time, animations as added in at the last moment as a way to jazz up the user experience, when in fact they should be carefully thought out during the length of the project. Animations help define the personality of the app, whether that's playful or serious. View Article

Apple and Hamburgers Truth be told, Apple doesn't care much for the hamburgers you're putting in your app. Drawer navigation, while it might work for some apps, generally leads to bad user experience and cluttered apps. Users are more likely to navigate and fully use your app if their...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: August 11, 2014

App Unbundling, Search and Discovery How can large apps, especially social ones, keep their competitive edge and stay out of the "hamburger basement"? Baidu Maps represents the "app as portal" solution. Ben Evans wonders: "Is this what Yahoo might look like on mobile now if it hadn't spent a decade asleep?" View Article

Developers Can Now Build Apps for Google Fit The Google Fit SDK was announced this week, signaling to developers that now is the time to start creating smartphone, tablet, Android Wear, and web apps for Google Fit if they want those apps to coincide with Fit's debut in the Google Play store later this year. View Article

Hear Fuzz's Leonard Collins at Droidcon NYC! Fuzz...

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Hear Fuzz's Leonard Collins at Droidcon NYC!


Fuzz Productions is the proudest ever to announce that our very own Leonard Collins, Android developer extraordinaire and all-around cool cat, will be speaking at Droidcon NYC this September! He is among the first ten speakers announced; his compadres include emissaries from Google, Tumblr, Swarm, Square, and Vine/Twitter.

Droidcon is the world’s largest "grassroots" Android developer conference, showcasing "the best of Android" from all over the Android ecosystem. This is the first time it'll be held in the United States. Leonard will be speaking about Automation and Espresso.

MUCH MORE TO COME. In the meantime, congratulations, Leonard!

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