The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: April 21, 2014

Pixel Perfect: Encouraging Collaboration, Eliminating Defects Designers work in a pixel-perfect world: hours are spent aligning elements on the screen to ensure that everything looks right. When screens are passed on to the development team, it can be weeks before we see a beta that includes the designs, and inevitably there will be changes. By increasing collaboration between the design and development teams, we’d be able to create better-looking apps along with increase knowledge between the two departments. View Article

Amazon Smartphone Photos, Specs and Details Revealed: Exclusive Report Amazon is close to unveiling a smartphone all of its own with a custom 3D interface unlike anything on the market now. Running a heavily customized version of Android, the...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: April 14, 2014

Side Drawer Navigations Could Cost Half Your User Engagement To drawer or not to drawer: that is the question. Turns out the really popular drawer navigation might be hurting the amount of time users spend in-app by hiding important content. While by moving the navigation to the side you free up more real estate to showcase content, users often forget to open the drawer to navigate. Before making the decision to use a drawer, make sure you've run through all options and understand how the user is going to use the app to ensure it's the best experience. View Article

How to improve your mobile e-commerce site's traffic With 25% of purchases made on a mobile device on...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: April 7, 2014

The Right Way To Ask Users For iOS Permissions Learning how and when to ask for access to a device can be tricky. Generally, if the user is bombarded with notifications upon first launch it's not going to be a good experience and you run the risk of loosing that user. With a little pre education you can inform the user about the benefits of allowing push notifications, or access to the users contacts without caring them. View Article

San Francisco Giants (and most of MLB) adopt Apple's iBeacon for an enhanced ballpark experience During the offseason 20 or so major league stadiums were outfitted in an I beacon pilot program, each receiving between 19 to 65 beacons....

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: March 31, 2014

Consumers hate in-store tracking (but retailers love it) Turns out customers in retail stores may not want to be bothered with alerts as they walk through stores. In a survey, 77% of customers found in-store tracking unacceptable; even more said they don't trust retailers to keep their information safe. As iBeacons become more mainstream it'll be important to limit the amount of notifications the user receives. What good is an app if the user deletes it after 10 minutes in your store? View Article

The “Psychological” Speed of Mobile Interfaces You've built an app to run as fast as possible, but how do you make it appear faster? Instagram is uploading your image while you're editing it so that...

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The Next Big Thing for Android: Pop-Out Apps?

The next big thing in the next version of Android will be pop-out apps. I’m basing this on manufacturers' SDK's: LG’s QSlide, Samsung MultiWindow, and Sony’s Small Apps suite. Pop-out or pop-up apps allow users to multitask in newer, more powerful ways. They also simulate a more desktop-y experience.

Whenever Google releases the next version of Android (5.0?), they might take a hint from the fact that LG, Samsung and Sony have been expanding their multi screen capabilities and opening the SDK’s to third-party developers. I’m expecting to see a new version of Android in the next few months.

LG QSlide

G Flex QSlide

In late January, LG officially published the QSlide SDK....

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