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An Exciting New Chapter!

By Max Oglesbee · March 4

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Today, we are proud to announce the completion of our transformation and rebranding to Monstarlab. This process began in 2019 with the acquisition of New York-based Fuzz by Tokyo-based Monstarlab. 

Coincidentally, Fuzz turns 20 this year (yes, 2021 marks our 20th anniversary)! Twenty years of delighting clients with hundreds of digital experiences and millions of users. It’s been an incredible journey, and we’ve loved every moment of it. 

We want to thank our clients, partners, and teammates (past and present) for making it all possible.

The integration of Fuzz into Monstarlab transforms us into a global organization, with 1,200 team members in 26 offices across 12 countries. The breadth of our expanded geographic reach and depth of our unified team’s capabilities across strategy, creative, and engineering create new and exciting opportunities for our clients, partners, and teammates.  

Over the past year, as we’ve prepared for today, we’ve aligned ourselves to a shared mission: empowering talent everywhere to engineer awesome products, services, and ecosystems, building a brighter world for us all.

We feel this mission statement encapsulates our commitment to creating excellent outcomes for our clients, our talent, and the world we all share.

Over the past year, we’ve also made a series of strategic improvements to our operations in the Americas that are worth highlighting:

New Key Leadership:

The team leading Monstarlab forward in the region is led by Max Oglesbee, CEO of Americas, who joined the company in early 2020 in preparation for the integration. He is joined by new leadership members, including JP Pereyra, CTO; Ruth Alyce, Head of Engagement, Delivery and Strategy; Khanh Lam, Head of Design; and Roger Lakhani, CFO. These new members join the strong existing team, including veteran Matthew Knuti, VP of Engagement, augmenting our capabilities. 

Bogota Expansion:

In 2020 we opened an office in Bogota, Colombia, to provide a deeper and more differentiated set of capabilities and rates to our clients in the Americas region. Our operation in Colombia is led by Managing Director Catalina Velez and will drive significant growth for Monstarlab in the coming years.

Koala Spin-Off:

Fuzz completed the spin-off of the internally-incubated food ordering platform Koala in late 2019. Nat Trienens, Fuzz’s founder, formally shifted his focus and responsibilities to Koala as CEO in early 2020. Monstarlab and Koala are excited to continue their close partnership, bringing best-in-class experiences to shared hospitality clients.

What’s Next?:

Over the next few weeks, as we continue to execute our projects on behalf of our clients and grow our team to take on new opportunities, we would love to hear from our community of clients, partners, and alumni on how we can collaborate. Please reach out, and let’s talk!

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