Sean Orelli

iOS Director

White Paper

Fuzz HQ in VR

Exploring our office in 3D

At Fuzz we are always looking for the next great user experience. This year we see a strong movement toward virtual reality with consumer devices such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. To begin exploring this field we set out to create a virtual model of our office space. With the help and support of 77 Films, we scanned our building using the Matterport 3D camera. By combining 360 photography with a 3D depth map, the Matterport system easily captures a set of photogrammetric data. This can be exported to a standard .obj file for use in 3D modeling and game engine software.

Using the Matterport camera was both fun and easy. The hardware has only one physical button for turning it on, all other functions are done with the companion iPad app. Creating a model requires scanning the room from multiple locations around the space. Each scan takes a bout 30 seconds as the camera spins 360 degrees on its tripod. Sometimes its tricky to avoid being in the view of the sensors, but overall this is a very small challenge to making the system work.

Matterport also provides a cloud service for hosting and displaying the recorded models. The default view is much like Google Street View, allowing the user to step their way through a space and look around in all directions. The Matterport viewer additionally has the ability to view the data as a floor plan or a third person "doll house" view. These alternative views show the true power of virtual reality as the user is able to experience a real space in ways they could not before. 

We're excited to watch and contribute as this type of spacial visualization continues to evolve.  As the 3D aspect of these capture tools become higher fidelity and even simpler to use we expect them to become quite common.  

Check out the link below to tour Fuzz Brooklyn, and be sure to play around with the Dollhouse model (bottom left).

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