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Director, Business Strategy


Running for a Cause

Fuzz Runs for StupidCancer

Every so often you get the chance to give a little back, and be part of something bigger.

We are so fortunate that one of our clients, StupidCancer, asked us to participate with them in this year's New York City Marathon. It's a great event, and an awesome way for our team is raising money for this amazing cause. Stupid Cancer is a non-profit organization that supports young adults with cancer. They provide resources, host support workshops and seminars, and they even have an app to connect patients, survivors, and caregivers.

We are sending web developer Mai Nguyen and product manager Omar Fayyaz to the race – and they've been training hard since early this year.

For anyone else that wants to get involved, you can make a donation of any amount at Mai's and Omar's race page. All proceeds raised will help build community, improve quality of life and provide meaningful survivorship through Stupid Cancer's programs and services.

Support Mai Here

Support Omar Here

Fuzz is proud to be a sponsor of Mai and Omar.