John Vaghi

Web Director


Mortar JS

A React-powered framework that provides building blocks to craft and customize powerful data management tools for the web.

In the past, APIs and CMSs have been lumped into a single, cumbersome codebase, creating a development environment rife with code conflicts, slower / more restrictive workflows, and resourcing woes as backend API developers often bore the front-end burden of developing a complicated CMS in parallel with a complicated API.

Recently, FUZZ has separated APIs and CMSs into two discrete development projects, allowing both codebases to evolve independently of one another and for developers to be resourced in accordance with their strengths. This service oriented approach affords web projects more portability, flexibility in the development and deployment processes, and a distinct separation of concerns, i.e. an API that focuses solely on the managing and delivering of data and a CMS that focuses solely on the presentation of this data to the user.

Mortar JS, (, is a framework for extending the benefits of this service oriented architecture, essentially creating a library of reusable CMS components that function in a predictable albeit configurable manner regardless of the language or framework that the API was built in. This means that FUZZ will be able to quickly spin up admin portals with consistent aesthetics and functionality for APIs written in Python, PHP, Javascript, Ruby, or any other programming language (by either FUZZ or some third-party) so long as the API follows general RESTful architecture principles.

With Mortar.js, since predictable admin features will essentially exist out of the box (e.g. login, pagination, filtering, sorting, searching), developers will be able to focus more time on building the complex, proprietary features of the application and less time on programmatic banality.