Samsung Pushes the Edge in S6

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, has a big problem—their approach to winning consumers with the best technical specs and the biggest screens has run out of steam. They are being squeezed at the high-end by Apple’s big new screens on the iPhone 6/6+, and at every price-point by more nimble Android manufacturers like Xiaomi and Lenovo/Motorola.

But a new strategy is emerging from the South Korean giant. Enter the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which finally put design first, from hardware innovation to the software’s user experience.

After hearing customer complaints about the phone looking “cheap” and not standing up to design standards set by competitors, Samsung designers hit the drawing board and started from zero. The result is...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: March 2, 2015

Apple Announces March 9 Event, Probably for the Apple Watch A few days ago Apple sent out press invites for an event on March 9th and of course the details about what will be announced is still under wraps. It's safe to say that the event will have something to do with the much anticipated Apple Watch which is slated to be available this spring. Anyone looking for an Apple Car announcement will probably have to wait a few more years though. View Article

Google's bringing sponsored app placements to the Play Store The next time you're searching the Play Store for an app, the top result might not be the most relevant. Google will start rolling out...

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Security, Seamlessness and the Power of UX

One of the first things you do after downloading the Uber app is enter your payment information. The next time you open the app, you can locate and order a car in minutes, and you don’t even have to tap “Pay” at the end of the ride.

Part of what makes Uber and apps like SquareCash and Amazon leaders not just in their respective industries but among apps in general is the extremely efficient user experience. For example, users prefer SquareCash because of how quickly they can perform a money transfer. Users of Amazon’s app are more and more accustomed to just tapping “Buy Now” to complete their purchases.

But another, less obvious characteristic these apps share is the absence...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: February 16, 2015

77% will not download a Retail app rated lower than 3 stars. 2015 is posed to be a big year for mobile shopping, but a few bad reviews could cripple your mobile sales. A recent study found that if your app was 3 stars or lower, users wouldn't even download it. If the app was below 3 stars some users were willing to shop on the retailers website or mobile store, 18% said they would go to a competitor. View Article

Crazy iPhone rig shows how Chinese workers manipulate App Store rankings. A few photos have started going viral in the app world recently showing what appears to be an app manipulation farm. Clients can pay an estimated $11,000...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: February 9, 2015

Microsoft Is Acquiring Calendar App Sunrise For North Of $100 Million Software giant Microsoft is in the process of trying to reinvent itself, and part of that reinvention evidently involves acquiring startups that have created products that compete with its own. The latest acquisition is calendar app maker Sunrise, which Microsoft shelled out at least $100 million for according to [TechCrunch's] sources. View Article

Uber and CMU Announce Strategic Partnership and Advanced Technologies Center Uber and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) [announced] a strategic partnership that includes the creation of the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, near the CMU campus. The partnership will provide a forum for Uber technology leaders to work closely with CMU faculty, staff, and students...

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