Meet LIQUID! A Free Web GUI Kit

Fuzz is excited to share our free GUI Kit LIQUID to help you understand the basic layout challenges presented by current responsive web techniques.

The UI is based on Google’s material design for experimental purposes only, and is structured under a simple 12 column grid to help you with fluid layouts. This GUI Kit is free to use without attribution, and we encourage you to use this kit as a guide. Don’t forget to try and recreate the elements yourself.

Click here to download the Free PSD

We'd love to see what you do with the kit. Be sure to share your content with us at or on social media @fuzzpro.

Happy designing!!

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Fuzz Review: Omnichannel Experience - Rebecca Minkoff

Brand Perception Defined by the Omnichannel Experience - Rebecca Minkoff

From time to time at Fuzz, we like to feed our curiosity for innovation and experience new technologies first-hand that brands are pushing out to the marketplace. After getting inspired at the L2 Omnichannel briefing a couple weeks ago, we decided to head over to the Rebecca Minkoff Flagship store in Soho to check out her RFID shopping experience that’s been getting a lot of press for connected retail.

We created a customer journey of the connected experience from Rebecca's mobile app to in-store and provided a summary of our review here. Or if you're the kind of person that flips to the back of the book for...

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Fuzz Recognized as a Top Wearable App Developer

In the constant din of over-eager tech world predictions, a common theme is that wearable apps are the wave of the future. Whether or not shopping via smart eyewear, smartwatch (or some other networked and LCD-equipped wearable) goes mainstream soon - or if it takes some time - Fuzz has been busy behind the scenes laying the strategy, UI/UX, and engineering groundwork for the next generation of wearable experiences.

Our team is pushing boundaries with a range of wearables, including Apple Watch and Oculus Rift, and was recently recognized for our work around smart eyewear (specifically, Google Glass). In 2014/15, Fuzz worked with Augmate, a leader in the enterprise wearable space to create an SDK and several demo...

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Smashing Conference NYC 2015

Smashing Conference kicked off on Tuesday, June 16th with a laser show and Clappy Bird -- a crowd-friendly, laser incarnation of Flappy Bird controlled by the sound of the audience clapping. Over the course of the next two days, we covered topics as granular as designing the perfect underline,crafting a pie chart in CSS, and designing our own roles in the workplace to abstract musings on creativity, play, and beauty.


Daniel Burka (product designer, Google Ventures) - Ideally, one of the roles the design team plays is to facilitate collaboration across disciplines in the organization. Creating a culture of design thinking rather than working in silos fosters creativity, buy-in from all stakeholders throughout the organization and quick, agile...

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Marvel vs. DC Branding

Marvel and DC have shared an epic battle for generations and with both companies announcing their planned films for the next 5 years or more, that competition will continue for the foreseeable future. With the outrageous popularity and sheer genius of the Marvel Universe dominating the box office, DC has since been building its own army that is likely to rival Marvel’s success. Who wins in this all out war of fantasy, heroism and the supernatural? And from a design geek's perspective, whose aesthetic will triumph?

Marvel recently unveiled their timeline for the next 5 years of blockbusters and gave the public a glimpse at the logos of each film, which proved to be a pleasant surprise. Each logo...

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