Going Pro

I ditched my laptop and used an iPad Pro exclusively for one week.

iPad Pro

My days are typically split between meetings, management, writing and design. After doing some legwork to setup my apps and documents, I didn’t skip a beat when it came to most of my non-design tasks. But when time called for pushing pixels, the iPad Pro just doesn’t match the ease of a desktop.

Here’s how the week went.

Setup for Success

Planning was critical for a successful experiment. The Dropbox app makes it easy to access all my documents, but it does me no good if my files are sitting on my laptop’s desktop. A quick double check to...

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7 Principles to Govern Product Development

Today, companies and the brands within them are being defined by their product ecosystems more than sexy advertising messages. Consumers aren’t just hearing or seeing a brand’s story, but they are experiencing it through web, mobile, and other digital products. How well those products shape brand perception, deliver value to the consumer, and drive business results for the brand determines who wins. As we approach another great SXSW in March, let's reflect on what many brands had to say about product development last year at SXSW 2015:

Solve a fundamental problem. The greatest value proposition a new product can offer a user is a solution to a fundamental problem, to make something in their life better. A fundamental...

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Why Specialized Agencies Beat Full-Service Firms

Marketers were stunned last year when media executive Tom Goodwin declared in Ad Age that agency specialization had failed. Specialization had proven “slow, expensive, repetitive” and has shown “disregard for consumers and the modern world,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin wasn’t entirely wrong. The practice of splitting agencies into channels or categories that are no longer distinguishable — like digital, mobile, media, and social — is broken. But the solution isn’t for every agency to be full-service firm. Instead, we must approach specialization in terms of specific expertise and value proposition.

Agencies define themselves through their unique offerings, and even agencies that begin as generalist firms tend to specialize over time. Those that try to be everything to everyone tend to...

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Have You Earned Your Stars Today?

Earlier this month, Pete Wells of the New York Times wrote a somewhat scathing review of Per Se titled “At Thomas Keller’s Per Se, Slips and Stumbles.” The overarching theme is that Per Se, regarded by many as one of the greatest restaurants in the country, has failed to deliver an experience worthy of its 2011 four-star rating on a number of recent visits. What struck me most was this statement: “With each fresh review, a restaurant has to earn its stars again.”

As marketers, technologists and product owners, we create for a world where the relationships between brands and consumers are frequently in review. Whether it's a restaurant review on Yelp, a dress review on Rent the...

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TKTS v2.0 is now LIVE in the App Store!

Fuzz is beyond pleased to announce the launch of the TKTS v2.0 app for iPhone, iPad and Android!

TKTS and Fuzz partnered to redesign and evolve the TKTS app experience for theatre-goers. Both platforms have several cool, new features including Spotlight Search optimization for iOS and transforming Android from strictly webviews to a fully native app.

For our iOS 9 users, we've added a robust Spotlight Search feature that sends metadata to Apples Search Cloud every time the app is launched. The more times the app is launched the more opportunities there are for indexing the metadata, so that when a user does a spotlight search for: Broadway (for example), the TKTS app will show up...

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