The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: September 21, 2015

Getting Started with Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines With the Apple TV set to redefine the living room experience when it ships in October, making sure your app adhere to the design guidelines will ensure that it provides a good experience for the user. The TV in your living room isn't the same as a device you hold a few feet from your eyes, text needs to be larger, colors need to be throughly tested, and navigation is done through a remote rather than a simple touch. View Article

iOS 9 vs. Android 5.0 Lollipop adoption rate One of the advantages of the iOS environment is the rate users adopt the new operating system. After only a few days...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: September 14, 2015

Everything Apple announced at its September 2015 event Over the course of a few hours Apple made a handful of announcements ranging from new watch models (new colors) and bands to a 12.9 inch iPad Pro to updated iPhones to the long awaited update to Apple TV. The iPad Pro packs in roughly 5.6 million pixels which makes it denser than a retina display MacBook Pro and works with the new Apple Pencil which should be a nice setup for creative types, though no 3D touch sadly. With a revamped UI and remote the Apple TV aims at being the center of your entertainment system with global search and the ability to play iOS games on...

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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: September 9, 2015

The First 15 Seconds How long do you have to get a user to sign up or engaged with your app, roughly 15 seconds. Users tend to be lazy and if they're using your app for the first time it's best to not present them with a long sign up flow before they even get to use the app. By slimming down the initial sign up process or pushing it back until it's required can result in more engaged users. View Article

Building the Airbnb Apple Watch App Airbnb recently released an Apple Watch App that allows hosts to reply to requests with a couple quick and easy taps on their wrist. But why not allow users to browse...

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The Transformation of the Shopping Cart

How mobile and millennials are evolving the way we shop for food

The rise of the Millennial shopper has revealed a number of new challenges for the traditional supermarket, which must now respond to the demands of an increasingly tech-savvy and health-driven consumer. This Millennial consumer draws stark contrasts with previous generations of consumers, particularly in regard to how they shop, where they shop, what they purchase, and the importance of mobile products in their purchase journey.

For decades, supermarkets across the country have grown into massive, sprawling destinations intended to be one-stop shops, or primary stores, for consumers. Meanwhile, Millennial consumers have decreased their reliance on a single store and one all-encompassing visit by adopting digital and mobile products...

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Meet LIQUID! A Free Web GUI Kit

Fuzz is excited to share our free GUI Kit LIQUID to help you understand the basic layout challenges presented by current responsive web techniques.

The UI is based on Google’s material design for experimental purposes only, and is structured under a simple 12 column grid to help you with fluid layouts. This GUI Kit is free to use without attribution, and we encourage you to use this kit as a guide. Don’t forget to try and recreate the elements yourself.

Click here to download the Free PSD

We'd love to see what you do with the kit. Be sure to share your content with us at or on social media @fuzzpro.

Happy designing!!

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