Marvel vs. DC Branding

Marvel and DC have shared an epic battle for generations and with both companies announcing their planned films for the next 5 years or more, that competition will continue for the foreseeable future. With the outrageous popularity and sheer genius of the Marvel Universe dominating the box office, DC has since been building its own army that is likely to rival Marvel’s success. Who wins in this all out war of fantasy, heroism and the supernatural? And from a design geek's perspective, whose aesthetic will triumph?

Marvel recently unveiled their timeline for the next 5 years of blockbusters and gave the public a glimpse at the logos of each film, which proved to be a pleasant surprise. Each logo...

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SXSW Interactive 2015 Recap

Fuzz sent a crack team of strategists, creatives and biz dev ninjas to attend SXSW Interactive this year in Austin. We sat down together and reviewed the themes, stats and truth-bombs that stood out, now that we've had time to reflect and nurse our livers back to health.

UX & Design

  • Get ready for Invisible UX - no user interaction; the product just knows what to do based on hyper-specific location awareness, context and behavioral cues, user-directed preferences and sensor data. The Internet of Things will open the door to increasingly invisible UX.
  • Poor design undermines credibility; quality UX/UI is a demonstration of the quality of the product.
  • To make the best product, remove features rather than add...
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The Fuzz Weekly Wrap: March 30, 2015

Periscope v. Meerkat Looking to live stream anything from your phone? Meerkat was released about 4 weeks ago and really took off at SXSW and Periscope is Twitters livestreaming app. The apps are pretty similar in that users can set up a live stream of what ever, post a link to allow others to watch and like. What's interesting is that Meerkat is reliant on Twitter, forcing users to sign up through Twitter and using their social graph. So far it news outlets have been using both to reach users, but retailers and celebrities have become early adopters of Periscope. View Article

Everything Facebook announced during its F8 developer conference Facebook held their annual F8 Conference...

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A new identity for social change gets its debut

CBS EcoMedia has just launched Viewers to Volunteers, a revolutionary ecosystem built to harness the power of advertising into tangible social change, and enable volunteerism throughout America.

The platform aims to disrupt the world of big budget media, creating a brand new marketplace in which consumers direct advertising dollars to the nonprofits and causes they care about, as well as encourage users to go out and volunteer with those nonprofits.

The team at Fuzz was tasked with creating an impactful, resonant logo that would exemplify the values of the Viewers to Volunteers mission.

Working with the EcoMedia Lab, Fuzz created The Giver.

It is a logo that symbolizes genuine human energy and the momentum of social change that Viewers to...

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Samsung Pushes the Edge in S6

Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone maker, has a big problem—their approach to winning consumers with the best technical specs and the biggest screens has run out of steam. They are being squeezed at the high-end by Apple’s big new screens on the iPhone 6/6+, and at every price-point by more nimble Android manufacturers like Xiaomi and Lenovo/Motorola.

But a new strategy is emerging from the South Korean giant. Enter the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which finally put design first, from hardware innovation to the software’s user experience.

After hearing customer complaints about the phone looking “cheap” and not standing up to design standards set by competitors, Samsung designers hit the drawing board and started from zero. The result is...

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