Taking a rapidly growing $4B retailer mobile in eight regions across the globe, translated and localized by a custom CMS

“Fuzz has been a strong partner in realizing our commitment to mobile, rolling out new and improved iOS and Android mobile products at the pace of our global expansion and equipping us with best-in-class tools to manage the localization of each regional product.”

– Vice President, Technology at Forever 21

Forever 21 is the global fast fashion leader


stores across the world


global sales & growing


dominant teen retail leader


Forever 21 came to Fuzz to evolve their existing mobile apps to support their rapid global expansion in new markets, matching pace with their global brick and mortar footprint. The existing mobile apps were built on RareWire, a platform that leverages mobile web views for most features, and didn’t allow Forever 21 to scale, localize and launch their products in new global markets.


Forever 21 and Fuzz partnered together with Moovweb, a leading technology platform in the hybrid app space, to create a new ecosystem of iOS and Android mobile products as well as an entirely new global content management system to enable Forever 21 to scale their products, localize key features for different markets, and launch at their own pace using a new set of web tools.

Technology Model & Partners

Fuzz worked with a variety of integration partners integrating social, push, video and analytics with our custom built CMS and power the product across the globe.

Leveraging Mobile Web

Forever 21 selected Moovweb, a technology platform that enables native mobile applications to leverage both mobile web and native components. The product leverages mobile web for product browse, detail and checkout which are shared across all global mobile products.

Native Features for Localization

Fuzz build native features in the Forever 21 mobile products to localize the user experience and display store locations, hours, brands available, and special promotions.

Creating the Right Web Tools to Localize the Mobile Products for Any Region Across the Globe

Fuzz created a custom global content management system (CMS) that gave them total control over all native features of the mobile products – like the homepage, store locator, look book and shop by outfit features – for translation and localization to any new market around the world.


Forever21 was designed to scale markets, domestically and across the globe.