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An office building elevator

Realizing the office of the future for UTC

Imagine an office building that anticipates and satisfies the needs of its tenants

Fuzz conducted extensive research into smart office solutions and IoT ecosystems to imagine the office buildings of the future. Our challenge: develop the next generation of the connected passenger experience.

An innovative app concept that anticipates the user's needs

To realize this vision, we built eCall: the OTIS smart elevator platform

Otis elevators (a UTC subsidiary) account for 22% of the world’s elevators. We created eCall to enable our partners to integrate Otis technology into their existing infrastructure. As connected offices surge in popularity, eCall facilitates greater elevator control and management with larger IoT ecosystems.
A diagram of the eCall ecosystemA diagram of the eCall ecosystem

A secure and scalable elevator control ecosystem

We developed tools like the eCall app, API, SDK, developer portal, CMS and global IoT Hub to integrate elevator access seamlessly into larger building experiences—and provide an intuitive, secure experience for elevator passengers.
The eCall ecosystem across mobile, desktop and smart watchThe eCall ecosystem across mobile, desktop and smart watch

Empowering developers to create smarter, more secure experiences

To support 3rd party product teams to leverage eCall, we created a robust Software Development Kit (SDK), providing teams with all the tools they need to get up and running quickly.
The service technology we’re developing challenges the industry status-quo. Our approach is creating a global-digital ecosystem to provide the customer with more information and improved uptime.

Tony Black

President Otis Services

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