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Transforming how Shake Shack delivers hospitality

An end-to-end digital ecosystem that drives higher customer satisfaction and revenue

Shake Shack has quickly become one of the most recognizable brands in the fast casual space. Since 2016, we’ve partnered with their digital innovation team to launch and optimize an entire ecosystem of digital products, including order-ahead apps, in-store kiosks, and a web ordering platform. This ecosystem helped Shake Shack deliver on its promise of enlightened hospitality and open up new revenue channels that bring in a 15% higher average check size.
Various Shake Shack digital products across a variety of devicesVarious Shake Shack digital products across a variety of devices

Making mobile personal

Our Shake Shack app is a fun and easy way for customers to order ahead and skip the line. The personalized ordering experience also provides a platform for targeted brand engagement and promotion opportunities.

A fun, flexible and personalized ordering flow

Reimagining the in-store experience

We collaborated with Shake Shack to deliver an innovative kiosk that improves employee and guest experiences alike. The scalable architecture and ease-of-use allows Shake Shack to create a storefront anywhere–from a bar in New York to a tent at Coachella.

Delivering better customer experiences at scale

We continuously collaborate with Shake Shack’s employees and operations teams to create tools that leverage customer data for better real-time support, leading to higher customer satisfaction.
The Shake Shack admin iPad app and watchThe Shake Shack admin iPad app and watch

Our comprehensive suite of tools allow Shake Shack employees to better anticipate customer needs.

Empowering operations to deliver better experiences

Working closely with Shake Shack, we continue to find new ways to make great things possible with their existing tech—providing the connective tissue between essential integration partners.
A diagram of the Shake Shack ecosystem and integrationsA diagram of the Shake Shack ecosystem and integrations
We're making it more convenient than ever and ultimately using technology to build upon the spirit of hospitality that is core to our company.

Randy Garutti

CEO Shake Shack

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