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Innovating Potbelly’s web experience 

A holistic fast casual web presence with custom catering and native delivery

Potbelly is famous for toasted sandwiches and good vibes, with hundreds of shops in neighborhoods around the world. Since 2017, we’ve partnered with Potbelly’s marketing and IT teams to design, build and optimize an intuitive, brand-forward responsive website for individual ordering, catering, delivery, loyalty, hiring and franchisees. Potbelly’s web presence unifies marketing and ordering seamlessly, delivering notably higher average order size than register.
Potbelly Family DealsPotbelly Family Deals

Unifying marketing and ordering

From the universal menu to the loyalty dashboard, our Potbelly web experience is welcoming and user-friendly, with harmoniously integrated features available right where you need them. The platform provides a way for marketing stakeholders to provide menu updates and promotions that draw customers in.

Driving convenience and business through cross-sells

Fuzz created a web ordering experience centered around smart cross-sell recommendations, which are driven by a proprietary system that blends algorithmic recommendations with a custom administration tool, allowing Potbelly to easily tweak and test to increase Average Order Value while maintaining control of the brand.

Designing for the catering customer’s needs

Some web ordering experiences treat the catering customer as an afterthought, or bolt on a clunky third-party solution. Given the centrality of catering to Potbelly’s business, we put the catering customer first, designing and building a catering experience that takes the specific needs and tasks of Potbelly’s catering customers to heart, starting with user research focused on office managers.
Potbelly cateringPotbelly catering

Our comprehensive suite of tools allow Shake Shack employees to better anticipate customer needs.

A refreshed loyalty program

In 2020, we partnered with Potbelly and LevelUp to streamline the loyalty program – Potbelly Perks – to focus on delivering clear value to customers. The result is a simple points-based system with a single delicious reward – entrées! Earning and redemption are available on all channels, from app to web to register.
Potbelly loyaltyPotbelly loyalty

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