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Buildings in New York City

A new perspective from one of the world's tallest buildings

A better view from NYC's Rockefeller Center

Over 3 million visitors flock annually to the Top of the Rock, the obvervatory that sits atop Rockefeller Center. We partnered with TOR's marketing team to enhance the customer journey before, during, and after visiting this iconic tourist attraction. We crafted a holistic experience that helped users easily buy tickets, take in the views and then navigate the shopping and entertainment options at Rockefeller Center.

Building a scalable architecture

We delivered a flexible infrastructure that scales by allowing market-specific integrations to easily swap in and out.

Insights and guidance for 224,000 square feet of underground shopping

Indoor navigation without beacons or GPS

Compasses don’t work at high altitudes and GPS is spotty underground. We designed a map with indoor navigation that worked with the existing infrastructure, delivering users with the best way to get from A to B with a simple search

Let's work together

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