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A hand presenting a shoe

Sharing high fashion on a peer-to-peer platform

An exclusive service for savvy fashionistas to exchange pieces and maximize their closets

Tulerie launched its peer-to-peer marketplace to help women lend and borrow high-end clothing and accessories. We partnered with their founders to explore this increasingly crowded space, and identified what this category of consumer truly needs from a clothing exchange service. Through market research, service design, and rapid prototyping, we created a breakthrough experience that has garnered praise from major media outlets.

A market platform for sharing at scale

Our multidisciplinary team worked with Tulerie and their partners at every phase of the project – from mapping the service model, to vetting and integrating third-party solutions, defining their e-commerce platform, to designing the chat-based reservation interface.

Building a scalable architecture

We delivered a flexible infrastructure that scales by allowing market-specific integrations to easily swap in and out.

UGC features best-in-class browsing, ecommerice, and scheduling.

A fashion-first interface

The Tulerie experience had to match the elegance of its listed products. We created an interface and design system that establishes Tulerie as a sophisticated player in the fashion world. The result is an exceptional, scalable product that’s loved by consumers, who have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store.
Tulerie icons and illustrations examplesTulerie icons and illustrations examples
I am seriously over the moon and almost in tears excited at how great this looks!

Violet Gross

Tulerie CEO & Co-founder